The Past Reveals so Much About the Future: Using the Ancient Tool of Astrology to Decode Your Purpose! 


Aparrnaa Maalpanie is a Fashion Designer who lives in Surat. She has an interest in bookkeeping and numerology.
She loves to work with numbers, which she finds intriguing and beautiful. Her favourite number is nine because it Aparrnaa Maalpaniesymbolizes completeness and enlightenment. Apaarnaa’s passion for fashion design led her to study at the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID) where she learnt the art of fashion designing from professionals across India as well as abroad.
As a designer, her inspirations are international designers such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Zara etc., as well as Indian designers such as Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi.

People are lost in their career or relationship and don’t know how to change it.

We have identified the missing part that can supercharge your blessing and life.

This content has been put together by us to help people get back on track with their life, business, relationships etc. It’s not just another self-development articles but it’s something unique that will give you an edge over others who are still struggling for success in life!

ALL the content we will publish on this site has been written or overseen by a qualified numerologist.

Aparrnaa Malpanie

Our Team

Arrpiet Malpane is a Vedic numerologist who has been practising for over 5 years. He is certified, and also a Certified Accountant by profession. Arrpiet loves to help people with his knowledge of numerology; he finds it easy to do so as it is all about numbers! 

He started seeing angel number when he was doing transcendence practice (active meditation) in 2018, which helped him grow tremendously spiritually too. 

Arrpiet Malpani

What to Do Know

You are here because you want to know what the Angels mean.
You have been given a gift from God, but you don’t understand it.
You feel alone and confused and your life is not moving forward as it should be.

You’re looking for answers and guidance in your life, career or love life…but where do you start?

How can numerology help me find direction? How does numerology work? What does my name say about me? Do I even believe in this stuff?? These questions may be running through your mind right now. And if they aren’t then they will soon! It’s only natural that we all go through these feelings at some point during our lives!  This is a problem that many people face every day, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s important to learn how to interpret the messages from the angels so that we can move forward with confidence knowing that everything is unfolding just as it should!

Angels Whisper will show you the way by using numerology as well as angel cards to help guide the direction of your life.

The Angel Whisper Team