Ancestral Karmic Debt ( How to Get Rid off Them)

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Each of us has many sorts of karmic obligations, one of the essential being Pitru Roon, i.e ancestral karmic debt. This is crucial since we inherited our bodies and our physical makeup from our ancestors.  All that we are is a result of their genes and their energies. So, it becomes our responsibility to take care of them and ensure they’re always at peace.

Ancestral Karmic debt


Ways to Reduce Ancestral Karmic debt

There are many ways to help reduce the karmic debt that we owe our ancestors. One of the most important things is to make sure that we live our lives in a way that would make them proud. This means living with integrity, being honest and hardworking, and always doing our best.

Another way to reduce our ancestral karmic debt is by taking care of our elders and making sure they are always comfortable and happy. This includes making sure that they have everything they need and that they’re always treated with respect.

We can also help reduce our ancestral karmic debt by doing good deeds in their name. This could include helping out others in need or donating to charities close to their heart.

Finally, we can also help reduce our ancestral karmic debt by simply being grateful for what they have done for us. We can show our gratitude by taking the time to tell them how much we appreciate them and everything they have done for us.

Most Effective Way to reduce Karmic Debt

Shraddha is one of the most effective methods to pay off our ancestral karma debt. This is a particularly significant prayer that may be recited on the death anniversary of a person. There are several occasions when we may not know the date of death for someone, such as when you think about your great-grandfather who lived many generations back.

On this day, we should make sure to observe a fast and engage in some form of service or Seva. This could include volunteering at a local charity or even doing some extra work around the house.

The important thing is to have the intention of helping others and doing good deeds in their name. This will go a long way in helping to reduce the karmic debt that we owe our ancestors.

The dark fortnight each month, in addition to the two other times, is also beneficial for reducing our ancestral karma debt. And that’s during the dark fortnight each month.

The first method is to take a bath in the holy water of any river or pond. The second method is to visit any temple and do some special puja there. The third method is to stay awake all night on Ekadashi and chant the names of Lord Vishnu.

All these methods are very effective in reducing our ancestral karma debt. But the most important thing is to have shraddha or faith in the process. If we have complete faith, then we will definitely see results.

Steps of Prayers For Reducing Debt (found to be more effective)

How can we do these prayers if we don’t know how? Personally, I’ve found it extremely helpful to offer food and water to our ancestors while reciting regular invocations. Light a Diya (a special lamp) and incense to thank them and acknowledge their generosity- in simple words. You can even write down your prayer requests on paper and place them in front of the Diya.

The key is to be sincere, have faith, and be grateful. Our ancestors will help us reduce our karmic debt and bless us with all good things in life when we do this.

When paying off ancestral karmic debts, remember that Pitru-room is one of the most typical types of soul debts (karmic debts) we carry, and it’s impossible to achieve moksha without doing so even though God’s blessings and favour can wipe away all forms of karma and erase all our bills. So we should always remember to be grateful for what our ancestors have done for us and do our best to repay the debt.

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